BAAG is currently recruiting a new Treasurer to join its voluntary Board of Trustees




Background of BAAG

BAAG is a unique advocacy and networking organisation which supports development and humanitarian programmes in Afghanistan.

Established in 1987, BAAG aims to ensure that Afghan voices are heard at national and international levels. Working with our 30 member agencies and others, BAAG raises awareness of the needs and aspirations of Afghans, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable.

BAAG promotes policies to counter poverty and encourage good practice in development and humanitarian work.  BAAG is increasingly seen as a source of expertise on Afghanistan, Afghan development needs and civil society by British and international policy makers, development experts and the media.

The BAAG team, based in offices on Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1, consists of three full-time staff – Director, Programme & Communications Manager and Programme & Finance Officer – and one part-time Senior Adviser for Policy & Advocacy.  Average turnover per year is approximately £200,000.

Board of Trustees

The Treasurer will be a member of the Board of Trustees.  There are currently nine Trustees, including the Chair.  Two are representatives of BAAG member agencies.

The Trustees play an important role in the decision making and strategic direction of BAAG – they manage the business of BAAG, ensuring it is well run and delivering the charitable outcomes for which it was established.  They meet four times a year and, if necessary, on an ad hoc basis, to review the quarterly activities of the organisation, support plans for future activities and to ensure the financial stability of the organisation.  Their expertise supplements that of the BAAG team.

The Trustees operate on a wholly voluntary basis.

Role of the Treasurer


  • Oversee the financial affairs of BAAG and ensure they are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practices.
  • Work with the Programme & Finance Officer to ensure that proper records are kept and effective financial control procedures are in place.
  • Ensure that the key financial risks faced by the organisation are adequately managed.
  • Monitor and report to the Board of Trustees on the financial health of the organisation.
  • Oversee the production of necessary financial reports/returns, accounts and audits.


  • Liaise with BAAG Director, Programme & Finance Officer and Chair of the Board of Trustees to ensure the financial viability of the organisation.
  • Prepare and present the Treasurer’s Report at the yearly Annual General Meeting, including a brief analysis of the financial situation. 
  • Make Trustees aware of their financial obligations and take a lead in interpreting financial data to them on regular basis.
  • Review and, where necessary, refine the Programme & Finance Officer’s quarterly financial reports to the Trustees.
  • Work with BAAG Director and Programme & Finance Officer to review and, where necessary, develop the budget strategy.  Oversee the production of the annual budget and propose its adoption at the last meeting of the previous financial year.
  • Advise BAAG Director, Programme & Finance Officer and Chair of the Board of Trustees on the financial viability and liabilities of income streams, including membership fee structures and donor grants.
  • Work with the Programme & Finance Officer to ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures and controls are in place.
  • Review and sign the annual Year End accounts and support the Programme & Finance Officer in the filing of these with Companies House and the Charity Commission
  • Lead on appointing and liaising with auditors.

 Experience and qualities required 

  • Professional and recognised accountancy qualification – ACA, ACCA, CIMA or equivalent.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of finance and fundraising finance practices relevant to NGOs.
  • Good financial analysis skills.
  • Ability to communicate clearly.
  • An interest in, and commitment to, the mission, values and activities of BAAG. 

Time commitment required

The Treasurer would be required to attend the four 60-90 minute Trustee meetings a year (or phone into these remotely), at the BAAG offices in SE1.  In addition, providing advice and guidance to the BAAG team and other Trustees is likely to require no more than a total of an additional day every other month, via phone calls, email and occasional face to face meetings.  

To apply: please submit a CV and supporting letter explaining how you meet the qualifications and experience requirements and why you are interested in the position. Applications should be submitted to by 31 March 2017.