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This section includes key reports and briefing papers on Afghanistan from NGOs, think tanks, and governmental bodies. They are divided into the broad categories indicated on the left.

Multi-issue reports - eg Health & Education, or Children's Issues, are listed under the "Development" section.

Our aim is to provide a solid core of interesting and accurate information on Afghanistan of interest to the British and Afghan public, as well as decision makers, academics, and the international aid community.

Please feel free to email us if you feel we have omitted a major report!

Latest resources

  • HRW: Pakistan coercion, UN complicity, February 2017

    Human Rights Watch's report—based on 115 interviews with refugee returnees in Afghanistan and Afghan refugees and undocumented Afghans in Pakistan, and further corroborated by UN reports that present the reasons thousands of Afghans gave for coming home—documents how Pakistan’s pressure on Afghan refugees left many of them with no choice but to leave Pakistan in 2016. Further HRW criticise UNHCR for failing to condemn Pakistan's approach, and also questions their financial support to returnees. 

    PDF icon HRW pakistan returnees 0217_web.pdf
  • UNAMA: Protection of civilians in armed conflict annual report 2016, February 2017

    In his press conference launching the report, the UN's Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto stated: 'I am deeply saddened to report, for yet another year, another increase in civilian casualties, another all-time high figure for the number of civilian casualties. In 2016 UNAMA documented 11,418 civilian casualties, an overall three per cent increase compared to the previous record-high documented in 2015.' Commenting on the tactics of anti- and pro-government forces, he continued 'The loss of life and the harm to civilians from ground fighting demands immediate action by parties to the conflict to move the fighting out of civilian populated areas.'

    PDF icon UNAMA protection_of_civilians_in_armed_conflict_annual_report_2016_feb2017.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, January 2017

    Our monthly review of the key news from Afghanistan, which this month included the Taliban's letter to new US President Donald Trump, a surge of anti-corruption activity and the university graduation of one of Afghanistan's oldest students. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan in Jan 2017.pdf

Range of reports from Government and NGO sources on Afghanistan.