• Position Papers, Statement, Policy Documents

Position Papers, Statement, Policy Documents

Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2020

 23rd -24th November 2020


Synthesis of Afghan and International Civil Society Papers

for the 2020 Afghanistan Conference on Afghanistan


 This document synthesizes a series of civil society position papers prepared for the 2020 Afghanistan Conference. Civil society views are outlined in six areas: (i) Peace, Security and IntraAfghan Talks; (ii) Afghanistan National Development and Peace Framework II; (iii) Citizen’s  Rights and Protection; (iv) Socio-Economic Development and COVID-19; (v) Displacement and COVID-19; and (vi) Governance and the Citizen’s Charter.


Afghan Civil Society Position Paper

An important component in a successful country is a thriving civil society, and Afghanistan should be no exception. Civil society actors and organizations have played a significant role in Afghanistan, in the provision of services and in advocacy for the rights of its citizens, in partnership with the international community and the Afghan government. Life has become more difficult however because of the increase in direct threats against them and indirect ones reducing their ability to operate at their best. This paper illustrates some of the reasons why they are needed.


Civil Society Delegation Statement for Afghanistan Conference 2020

Delivered on the 24th of November 2020


Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, international friends and fellow Afghans

 It is an honour for us to speak to you today from Afghanistan, a country proud to still exist after 40 years of exhausting war.  The hope for peace had revitalised Afghans everywhere, both inside and outside the country, but the brutal attacks on mothers and babies in a maternity home, the attacks on educational institutions, journalists and human rights defenders point to there being a long road ahead of us despite the talks in Doha.