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Afghan Issues

This section examines some of the well-publicised challenges currently facing ordinary Afghans.  But it also looks beyond the headlines to celebrate Afghanistan's resilience, progress and determination.




Fifteen years after the international intervention in Afghanistan, many Afghans are still struggling to survive.

Despite the billions of dollars of international aid pumped into the country over the past decade, it remains one of the poorest nations in the world.

A shockingly large number of women still die in childbirth; one in five babies will never reach their fifth birthday.

Although many more Afghans now have access to health care and education, that access remains uneven.

Many activists say advances in women's rights made since Taliban rule remain fragile, and could easily be reversed.

Insecurity continues to plague the country, affecting every aspect of Afghan life.


But Afghans are also resilient; they have weathered three decades of war.

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Since the fall of the Taliban, civil society groups have mushroomed.  Sport and culture, restricted during Taliban times, have revived.

Afghans are not just depending on international aid; they are striving to help themselves.

Advances in women's rights made since Taliban rule remain fragile