• Feinstein International Centre, Tufts University: Winning Hearts and Minds? Examining the Relationship Between Aid and Security in Afghanistan, January 2012

    Research in five provinces and Kabul examining the complex factors that drive insecurity in Afghanistan and investigating the impact of aid projects on insecurity.

    PDF icon Examining the Relationship Between Aid and Security in Afghanistan Jan. 2012.pdf
  • Conclusions, International Conference on Afghanistan, Bonn, December 2011

    PDF icon The intl Afg Conference in Bonn 5 Dec 2011 - conf conclusions.pdf
  • ENNA/VENRO: Bonn - Priorities for action, December 2011

    Joint NGO position paper for Bonn Conference, signed by BAAG, European networks of NGOs working in Afghanistan and individual aid agencies.

    PDF icon Venro_PositionspaperAfghanistan-Bonn Conf final.pdf
  • Save the Children: Afghanistan in Transition: Putting Children at the Heart of Development, November 2011

    Save the Children assesses how international aid has changed Afghan children’s lives since 2001 and puts forward proposals for child-oriented “smart development” policies for the future.

    PDF icon Save the Children - Afghanistan in Transition Nov. 2011.PDF
  • UN Human Development Report, November 2011

    The latest annual UNDP report ranks Afghanistan at 172nd out of 187 countries in terms of living standards using composite measures of health, education and income.

    PDF icon UN Human Development Report Nov. 2011.pdf
  • Istanbul Process on Regional Security and Cooperation for a Secure and Stable Afghanistan, November 2011

    Declaration from Afghan government and neighbouring countries.

    PDF icon Istanbul Process Nov 2 2011.pdf
  • International Crisis Group: Aid and Conflict in Afghanistan, August 2011

    ICG says that billions of dollars of aid have failed to achieve a politically stable and economically viable Afghanistan. It says the international community lacks a coherent policy to strengthen the state ahead of the withdrawal of most foreign forces by  2014.

    PDF icon Aid and Conflict in Afghanistan Aug. 2011.pdf
  • Integrity Watch Afghanistan: Hajigak - the Jewel of Afghan Mines , July 2011

    IWA reports on the potential opportunities - and risks - linked to plans to exploit Afghanistan’s largest iron mine.

    PDF icon Hajigak - the Jewel of Afghan Mine July 2011.pdf
  • US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Evaluating US Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan, June 2011

    This report paints a picture of uneven, sometimes ineffective, US aid projects and calls for a re-evaluation of how that aid is delivered.

    PDF icon Evaluating US Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan June 2011.pdf
  • AREU: Local Governance in Afghanistan: A View from the Ground, June 2011

    Research paper on how local government in Afghanistan has progressed and how it interacts with informal governance mechanisms.

    PDF icon AREU Local Governance in Afghanistan June 2011.pdf
  • DFID: Afghanistan Operational Plan 2011- 2015, May 2011

    Summary of the Department of International Development’s planned work in Afghanistan during transition, including project aims, partners and methodology.

    PDF icon DFID afghanistan-2011-5-summary.pdf
  • Global Humanitarian Assistance: Afghanistan: Tracking major resource flows 2002-2010, January 2011

    Detailed breakdown of how billions of dollars of international aid has been spent.

    PDF icon Afghanistan Tracking major resource flows 2002-2010 Jan. 2011.pdf
  • Kabul Conference Communiqué, July 2010

    The international community renews its commitment to Afghanistan.

    PDF icon Kabul Conference Communique.pdf
  • Joint Agencies' report: Quick Impact, Quick Collapse: The Dangers of Militarised Aid in Afghanistan, January 2010

    How militarised aid has compromised development efforts in Afghanistan.  Joint report by ActionAid, Afghanaid, Care Afghanistan, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide, Oxfam and Trocaire

    PDF icon Quick Impact, Quick Collapse Jan. 2010.pdf
  • UNODC: Corruption in Afghanistan: Bribery as Reported by the Victims, January 2010

    UN agency survey finds that corruption is Afghans’ biggest worry, with one in two people forced to pay bribes to officials.

    PDF icon UNODC Bribery as Repored by Victims Jan. 2010.pdf