• Ministry of Economy: Millennium Development Goals report 2012, December 2013

    The Afghan Ministry of Economy reports on the progress of Afghanistan towards the 2015 MDGs.  Afghanistan adopted the MDGs in 2004, 5 years after their declaration. This is their 4th progress report. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan MDGs 2012 Report.pdf
  • World Bank: Higher Education in Afghanistan, an Emerging Mountainscape, September 2013

    A comprehensive report conducted by the World Bank, in consultation with senior higher education policy makers, academics, researchers, staff and students in higher education in Afghanistan. It provides a wide-ranging and evidenced-based review and analysis of the higher education sector in Afghanistan and surveys a rich variety of higher education systems, policies and reforms observed in the modern world with an emphasis on those areas where Afghanistan faces the greatest higher education policy challenges.

    PDF icon WB Afghan Higher Education 2013.pdf
  • ACBAR: Health & Education in Afghanistan - Quantity Not Quality, November 2011

    Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief finds that despite millions of dollars of international aid, millions of Afghans are still struggling to access health and education services.

    PDF icon ACBAR Health & Education 10 years after.pdf