• Afghan Lapis Lazuli and the Shrines of Power

Afghan Lapis Lazuli and the Shrines of Power

22 January 2019

Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7LP

On Tuesday 22nd January Prof. Hamid Naweed will explore the story of the oldest commercial gemstone - Lapis lazuli. His presentation will explore its meaning to Afghanistan's ancestors, and how it made its way to the most prestigious buildings in the world, from mosques in Herat to the Sistine Chapel, the Blue Mosque in Mazar, the Ishtar gate, the walls of Babylon and the temple of Karnak. 

For more information on this fascinating look on history and geology please register your interest on Asia House Arts & Learning here. This event is free for students and £10 for non-students. 

This event is part of the Asia House 2019 Winter Arts and Learning Programme, an initiative in the UK in presenting a pan-Asian artistic and cultural programme with a scope of more than 40 countries in the region. Through their programme of events on arts, culture and education they act as a catalyst for the discovery of the diverse arts and cultures of Asia and the Asian diaspora, and serve as a bridge of understanding between the UK and Asia.