Afghanistan Charity Evening

29 November 2016


Join HealthProm's Stewart Britten, Afghan Programme advisor, for a discussion on ''sustainability: how easy to say but how difficult to achieve.'' 

HealthProm’s programme to improve maternal and child health in two districts of Afghanistan has, with village people, achieved significant reductions in deaths of women, newborn babies and children under five. But how can we ensure that when our work comes to an end, those gains will not fade away? The Afghan project team has fostered self-help in village women in place of cradle to grave fatalism. But in very poor communities this takes such a long time that the team’s support may have come to be seen as something that will continue for ever. If so, we will have fostered dependency. What can we do to ensure that by the time we end, village people will have taken back full responsibility and their families will continue to benefit?

The event will include short film clips by Dr Azada Parsa, In-country Project Manager, and Sohrab Parsa, Operations Manager, on these questions. 


The discussion will be followed by drinks and nibbles at 7:15pm.

Venue: St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane, near St Pauls Cathedral, London EC4Y 8EQ.

Time: 18.00-20.00

Cost: Free 

For more information and to reserve your seat, please visit the HealthProm events webpage