The Boy Mir Premiere

28 September 2011

Royal Geographical Society

BAAG supports award-winning film on Afghanistan

Celebrities, including writer Michael Morpurgo and actor Juliet Stevenson ("Truly, Madly, Deeply") attended a VIP reception for the UK premiere of “The Boy Mir - Ten Years in Afghanistan” on 28 September 2011.

The event was hosted by BAAG along with member agencies Afghanaid and Save the Children

Award-winning director Phil Grabsky first met Mir, then a cheeky 8 year old, in 2002 while the boy was playing on the ruins of the ancient Buddha statues that had recently been destroyed by the Taliban. 

Author Michael Morpurgo and Director Phil Grabsky

Phil returned to Afghanistan several times with Afghan journalist Shoaib Sharifi. Together, they filmed Mir’s family during the tumultuous decade following the international intervention in Afghanistan.  The documentary shows Mir, the main breadwinner for his impoverished family, battling to combine school with working on the land and in a coal mine.

“BAAG is proud to be associated with ‘The Boy Mir’, a film which which accurately reflects the grinding poverty continuing to face many Afghan families” said BAAG Director Nadeem Kazmi.  “The problems Mir and his family face highlight the desperate need to support education in Afghanistan.”

Actor Juliet Stevenson

The film was introduced by Michael Morpurgo, author of the smash hit “War Horse”, who says his latest book, “Shadow” was partly inspired by Mir’s story.  

It was followed by a question and answer session with Phil Grabsky, Elizabeth Winter of BAAG and David Page of Afghanaid on Afghanistan’s humanitarian needs.

[To watch the trailer for 'The Boy Mir', click here.]