• Discussion: After Kunduz - Making peace with the Taliban

Discussion: After Kunduz - Making peace with the Taliban

24 November 2015


In seizing Kunduz in late September 2015, the Taliban achieved a key stated objective of their 2015 campaign, which was to capture a provincial capital. However, this victory does not alter the strategic reality of the war, which is one of stalemate. The Afghan army and police have no hope of wiping out the insurgency. Equally, the Taliban cannot win back Afghanistan through force of arms alone. This creates a simple and compelling logic for peace talks as the only way to end the conflict.

Speakers: Professor Michael Semple, Queens University Belfast, and Professor Theo Farrell, War Studies

Venue: B5 Auditorium Franklin-Wilkins Building Waterloo Campus, Kings College, London

Time: 18.30-20.00

Tickets: Free - to register for a space and for more information about the event and speakers, visit this website