Emergency UK 2018 Christmas Party

14 December 2018

Panino Giusto, Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LF

On Friday 14th December at 7pm Emergency UK will be hosting their annual Christmas party at Panino Giusto, near Bank. The event looks to bring Emergency staff, volunteers and supporters together for an evening of festive drinks, italian cuisine and an imersive experience inro Emergency's work in Afghanistan. Emergency have coordinated health and gender programmes in Afghanistan for over two decades. The 360 degree vertual reality experience open to all guests will emerse you into one of Emergency's active hospitals and offer an insight into their invaluable work in Afghanistan. 

Tickets for the evening are £12 and include 1 drink and delicious Italian appetizers. A donation to EMERGENCY UK is not included though they are more than welcome on the night. 

To attend, please register at info@emergencyuk.org and pay on the door.


Emergency are looking forward to seeing you there!

  Please register by Thursday 13th December at 23.30 pm if you wish to attend.