Film Premiere: "Love Crimes of Kabul"

23 March 2012

Friday 23, 18:30 ICA & Saturday 24, 16:30 Ritzy, Brixton

The film follows three young female prisoners as they go on trial for “moral crimes” such as running away from home to escape abuse.  By refusing to bow to social and family pressure, these women are by regarded by some as threats to the very fabric of Afghan society.

Filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian brings us into the lives of these “outsiders".  Teenage romantics learn to become hard nosed-negotiators in an effort to secure their future, brokering their freedom with courage, charm, and skill.

Presented as part of the Human Rights Watch's London  Human Rights Watch Film Festival  "Love Crimes of Kabul" is being shown on Friday 23 March, 18:30 at the ICA, The Mall SW1Y 5AH, and Saturday 24 March, 16:30 at the Ritzy Picturehouse, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW2 1JG.  Both showings will be followed by a Q&A session with Director, Tanaz Eshaghian.  This is the first time the HBO documentary is being shown in the UK. 


BAAG members  Afghanaid  and  Womenkind  (through the  No Women No Peace  network) are supporting these event.