Film: Return of the Nightingales

25 February 2013

City University, London

Ethnomusicologist and film-maker John Baily visits the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, a newly-established co-educational vocational music school in Kabul that teaches Afghan, Indian and Western music.

Made in the observational cinema style of the NFTS, the film provides a lyrical portrayal of the school's activities, with an emphasis on the teaching, rehearsal and performance of music, building up to a performance of Ravel's Bolero for a visit by the Swedish Ambassador. The film projects a very positive image of young people in Afghanistan today, challenging the usual negative stereotypes favoured by western media.

Return of the Nightingales will soon be released in DVD format by the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research

Location: Room AG09, College Building, Northampton Square, City University London, London, EC1

Free - open to the public