Film screening: A Flickering Truth

29 April 2016 to 01 May 2016


Before the Taliban, Afghanistan had an active film industry. The country's rich film history might well have been lost forever, if not for the brave custodians revealed in this documentary, who risked their lives to conceal films from the Taliban regime. The journey through thousands of hours of dusty film reels yields new surprises every day. Watching rediscovered material sparks youthful recollections among the archive staff – of the films they saw or made, and of the society they have lost. As the caretakers thread old projectors with film from unmarked reels, the country's history comes alive with images of former leaders, beloved actresses, and landmarks that have since been destroyed.

A Flickering Truth is a testament to the urgency and necessity of film preservation.

Bertha DocHouse are delighted to announce a Q&A with director Pietra Brettkelly, via skype, on Saturday 30 April following the screening at 18:30. 

Venue: Curzon Cinema Bloomsbury, The Brunswick, London WC1N 1AW

Times: Varied

Cost: £5-9.00

To watch a trailer for the film and to book tickets, visit the Bertha DocHouse webpage here