• Lecture: Homo Itinerans - Afghan Mobility towards Europe

Lecture: Homo Itinerans - Afghan Mobility towards Europe

10 March 2016


SOAS present their annual Anthony Hyman Memorial Lecture on Afghanistan. 

The increasingly adverse socio-political environment in Afghanistan and the lack of real integration perspectives in Pakistan and Iran have resulted in a high number of Afghans leaving for more distant destinations. The journey is costly both in terms of financial exposure of the individual (and the family back home) and of trauma. Young men are overrepresented among Afghans arriving in Europe. They feel a tremendous social pressure from their relatives left in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran, which strongly influences their strategies, their trajectories and their relations with fellow Afghans and European societies. They are socially compelled to succeed and to redistribute some of their resources. Acknowledging failure is a source of shame but appearing to be successful increases expectations from relatives back home, which in turn may have an impact on integration.

Speaker: Alessandro Monsutti teaches social anthropology and migration studies at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. He has conducted multi-sited research among Afghan refugees and migrants since the mid-1990s between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Western countries. He is author of War and migration: social networks and economic strategies of the Hazaras of Afghanistan (2005), Homo itinerans: Afghanistan, une anthropologie transnationale du politique (forthcoming in 2016), and editor of several volumes.

Venue: SOAS - Khalili Lecture Theatre, Russel Square College Buildings, London

Time: 6.15-9.00pm

Cost: Free 

This lecture is free and open to the public. No booking is required.  More information is available on the SOAS website