• Lecture: Transnational Afghan trading networks in the modern world

Lecture: Transnational Afghan trading networks in the modern world

12 March 2015


The Anythony Hyman Memorial Lecture, 2015.

This lecture explores the importance of the global trading activities of Afghans in a wide range of settings in Central Asia and Europe. It contests one-sided images that depict traders as immoral profiteers, and demonstrates the active role these merchants play in an ever-more globalised political economy. Afghan merchants forge critical economic niches in locales as diverse as the Black Sea port of Odessa, the Chinese trading city of Yiwu, and global cities such as  Moscow and London. The lecture argues that the traders' worlds are informed by complex forms of knowledge, skill, ethical sensibility, and long-lasting human relationships that often cut across and dissolve boundaries of nation, ethnicity, religion and ideology, and that a consideration of these should lead to a reassessment of our understanding of Afghanistan's place in the modern world.

Speaker: Prof Magnus Marsden (University of Sussex) 

Venue: SOAS, Russell Square College Buildings (Room: Khalili Lecture Theatre)

Time: 6.15-9.00pm

Cost: Free

The lecture is open to the public and does not require registration - more information is available here.