Persian Poets' Tour

04 May 2012 to 21 May 2012

London, Swansea, Grasmere, Norwich

The Poetry Translation Centre brings together five acclaimed poets from Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan for a tour of the UK.  The poets will perform alongside their British poet co-translators.

The Persian language, with local variations, is spoken in all three countries - Dari in Afghanistan, Farsi in Iran and Tajik in Tajikistan.  Persian poetry is famous for the richness of its heritage.

Partaw NaderiPartaw Naderi is widely regarded as one of the leading modernist poets in Afghanistan.  Jailed by the Soviet-backed regime in Afghanistan in the 1970s, he spent years in exile, but recently returned to live in Kabul.  His poet-translator is Sarah Maguire.


Reza MohammadiBorn in Kandahar in 1979, Reza Mohammadi  is an exciting young poet who has won a series of awards.  He intially studied in Iran, where he won prizes for being that country's best young poet in 1996 and 1997.  He is now based in London.  His translator is Nick Laird.


Shakila AzizzadaShakila Azzizada was born in Kabul, but now lives and works in the Netherlands.  Her poems are unusual in their frankness and delicacy, particularly in the way she approaches intimacy and female desire - subjects which are rarely addressed by female poets writing in Dari.  Her poet-translator is Mimi Khalvati.


Farzaneh KhojandiFarzaneh Khojandi is a poet with a huge following in Afghanistan and Iran as well as her native Tajikstan.  She is widely regarded as the most exciting woman poet writing in Persian today and is revered as Tajikistan’s foremost living writer.  Her poet-translator is Jo Shapcott.


Azita GhahremanAzita Ghahreman, one of Iran's leading poets, now lives in Sweden.  Her poems directly address questions of female desire and challenge the accepted position of women.  Her poet-translator is Maura Dooley.



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