• The Prince of Nothingwood film screening

The Prince of Nothingwood film screening

01 April 2018


The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema’s tour around the world continues to Afghanistan with the screening of The Prince of Nothingwood. 

Released last year, this incredible documentary focuses not on Hollywood or Bollywood, but the “Nothingwood” of Afghanistan, where the country’s most “most popular and prolific actor-director-producer” Salim Shaheen has made more than a hundred movies. Unlike his American or Indian peers, Shaheen has next to no budget, and is forced to dodge “rocket attacks, riots and religious fundamentalism” to complete his films. 

Writing for the Guardian, film critic Mark Kermode said: “Afghanistan’s most prolific director literally puts his life on the line to make movies, as seen in this riveting and hilarious documentary”

As the Afghani director tries to make his movies, he is pursued by Sonia Kronlund, a reporter for a French broadcaster, curious to know how any form of creativity can exist in a war-torn country. Meanwhile, in the absence of actresses for Shaheen’s films, camp-as-you-like Qurban Ali plays key female roles much to the dismay of his wife and children, while standard issue kit for Shaheen’s film crew include both cameras and Kalashnikovs. 

It is Kronlund’s footage and interviews that have formed The Prince of Nothingwood, a magnificent and eye-opening documentary, which also serves as a real-life romp that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. The 90-minute movie is packed with action, comedy, and song and dance numbers that will have you laughing while watching in awe.

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