• Pupils lobby British Parliament on Afghan Education

Pupils lobby British Parliament on Afghan Education

24 November 2011


More than 100 school children from across Europe will descend on the British parliament to call on the British government to do all it can to fulfil Millenium Development Goals for Afghanistan by 2020.  The children - whose schools are all twinned with Afghan schools under a scheme organised by BAAG member Afghan Connection - feel passionately about the need to improve education for Afghan youngsters.

They will present the British government with a letter outlining the difficulties Afghan youngsters face in getting an education.  The letter was drawn up after a live video conference with the Afghan students earlier this year.

The event will be attended by the Afghan Minister for Education, Farook Wardak, and Britain's Minister for International Development, Alan Duncan.

It is organised by Afghan Connection in conjunction with three partner organisations; People in Peril ( Slovakia) the Jaan Tonisson Institute ( Estonia) and the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

Venue: Houses of Parliament.