• Round Table: The New Deal in Afghanistan

Round Table: The New Deal in Afghanistan

09 June 2015


As part of our Media4Development programme, BAAG join Chatham House to host a round table on development in fragile states. Despite significant investment and commitments in fragile states, results and value for money have been modest.  Official Development Assistance (ODA) is far from an exact science, with the challenges of fragile states complicating issues further.  Multi-sectoral approaches are needed, but these are more difficult to monitor and measure.  The need to address such issues led to the development and acceptance of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States.

Additionally, UK agreements on aid spending in recent years have developed with little broad public support or a communications strategy to effectively engage people in debates on how and why the UK should support development processes. Instead, communications strategies have more often been used to maximise short-term support for specific campaigns or funding appeals, without due consideration of the longer-term impact. Communications to the public regarding ODA are generally poor or over-simplified.  A change of approach is necessary if the UK government and NGOs want to retain public support for aid and development. These are challenges being explored in our 3 year Media4Development programme, funded by the EC. 

With Chatham House, we will bring together a small group of experts, policy makers and journalists to explore these matters under the following discussion theme:

 The New Deal for engagement in fragile states has been a key part of international policy dialogue on ODA for a number of years, with the UK Government being at the forefront of discussions. What has been the impact of the New Deal on UK engagement (in this case, in Afghanistan) and how can it feed into wider public understanding and support for ODA?

Q1: Is the New Deal shaping aid in Afghanistan? If so, with what current and future impact?

Q2: How can the New Deal shape public support for ODA in the UK? 


The event aims to build a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities for building a clear public narrative on ODA in Fragile States post-2015.

Venue: Chatham House,  10 Saint James's Square, London SW1Y 4LE.

Time: 10.45am - 3.00pm 

This is a closed event.  However, BAAG will be publishing a full report of the discussions and recommendations on our website - keep an eye on our Twitter feed, @AfghanAgencies, for live updates from the event and when the report launches.