• Talk: Australia's Afghan Cameleers

Talk: Australia's Afghan Cameleers

14 December 2015


Join SOAS Afghan Society for a fascinating talk with Dr Dawood Azami. 

He tells the little known stories of Afghan pioneers who, with their camels, first arrived in Australia in the 1860s and criss-crossed the harsh interior of the continent for several decades. He examines their pivotal role in the exploration and development of the continent and the help they provided to lay the crucial national infrastructure such as railway lines and overland telegraph lines. Through the astonishing tales of the Afghan cameleers, Dawood explores the story of migration and global diasporas before the age of globalisation and investigates a remarkable chapter in the history of multi-centralism which opened and closed before much notice. Dawood tracks down some of the descendants of those Afghans who stayed in Australia and married aboriginal and white settler women. He also speaks to the descendants of those Afghan cameleers who went back to Afghanistan and what is now Pakistan and looks into the pockets of memories that remain in their minds. 

Dr Dawood Azami is an award winning journalist, writer and academic. He has been working with the BBC since 1999 and now serves as Multi-Media Editor in the BBC World Service.

Venue: DLT (Djam Lecture Theatre), SOAS, University of London, London WC1H 0XG

Time: 6.00pm

Cost: This is a free event, open to all.

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