Case Study - BCA 16

On the 5th October 2016, the European Union and the government of Afghanistan co-hosted the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (BCA). This conference brought together  75 countries and 26 international organisations and agencies

Participants endorsed the ambitious reform agenda presented by the Afghan government. They undertook  to ensure continued international political and financial support for Afghanistan until 2020.

BAAG played a leading role in supporting Afghanistans Civil Society Working Committee (CSWC) to have 10 delegates representing the voice of the Afghan people.The 10 delegates were:

  1. Mr Aziz Rafiee – Afghan Civil Society Forum-organisation
  2. Ms Palwasha Hassan - Afghan Women’s Educational Centre
  3. Mr Naeem Ayubzada - Transparent Elections Foundation of Afghanistan
  4. Ms Nooria Sultani - Equality for Peace and Democracy
  5. Mr Said Ekram Afzali - Integrity Watch Afghanistan
  6. Ms Samira Hamidi - Afghan Women's Network
  7. Mr Maiwand Rahyab - Afghan Institute for Civil Society
  8. Ms Zarqa Yaftali - Women & Children Legal Research Foundation
  9. Mr Jan Mohammad - South Western Afghanistan & Balochistan Association
  10. Ms Freshta Karimi - Da Qanoon Ghoshtonky


The BCA supported the complilation of the following documents: 

  1. Afghan civil society position paper for the BCA 
  2. Synthesis Paper of various combined Afghan and international NGO/group position papers
  3. Afghanistan National Peace & Development Framework