Position Papers and Statements

The Geneva Conference on Afghanistan was an opportunity for Afghans and the international community to come together and share their positions on Afghanistan. Both international and national Non-Governmantal Organisations (NGO) and civil society organisations published position papers ahead of the 28th November to raise awareness of the issues which effect their work and the prosperity of Afghanistan. BAAG is pleased to present this range of INGO position papers, a Synthesis paper collating the key positions and Civil society statements and papers. 

1. Civil Society Position Paper, Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 - Published 28th Novermber 2018. (Dari translation)

2. Afghan and International Civil Society Synthesis paper, Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018

3. Civil Society Statements, Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 (28/11/18 - English / Dari) (18/12/18 - English / Dari

3. Returns & Diplacement - BAAG policy paper 2018

Position Papers

1. Emergency - Position Paper on Afghanistan

2. Action Against Hunger - Breaking the Cycle, Towards a collective needs based approach to hunger in Afghanistan 

3. Afghanaid - Building Resilience in Afghanistan

4. APPRO - State-Civil Society Relations in Afganistan: Forward or Backward?

5. APPRO - Women's Shelters: From Secrecy to Mainstreaming

6. APPRO - Good Governance in Peace Negotiations

7. APPRO - NAP 1325 and Institutionalizing Women's Rights in Afghanistan

8. APPRO - Chronic Conflict and Child Labor: Drivers and Possible Remedies 

9. APPRO - Corruption: Causes and Ways to Fight It

10. APPRO - Fighting Corruption Through Education

11. APPRO - Mutually Hurting Stalemates, Peace Building, Actors, Factors and Mechanisms

12. APPRO - Food Security and Religion: Role of Mosques

13. AWN - Reiterating voices from Afghan women - from BCA to GCA

14. UNAMA - One UN for Afghanistan

15. ACBAR - Humanitarian, Development, Peace Nexus in Afghanistan

16. ADSP - Ending the displacement trap: new opportunities for Afghans to acheive durable solutions

 17. Global Witness - Avoiding the resource curse: extractives, corruption, and conflict in Afghanistan

18. NRC - Returning to what? The challenges displaced Afghans face in securing durable solutions

19. Handicap International & ACBAR members - Position paper on inclusive of people with disabilities  

20. Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attach (GCPEA) - Attacks on Education in Afghanistan, Briefing paper. 

21. Civil Society Joint Working Group - position paper