Provincial Consultations Analysis

In 2018 BAAG and the Civil Society Working Committee (CSWC) received funding from four international donors (DFID, SDC, SIDA and GIZ) to raise civil society’s voices ahead of, during, and beyond the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan (GCA). As part of the preparations for the GCA, Provincial Facilitating Organisations (PFO’s) led consultations in the form of focus group discussions (FGD) with members of civil society in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. The aim of the FGD’s was to obtain provincial civil society’s views on development issues and inform civil society’s key advocacy messages delivered at the GCA. As a result between the 15th and 29th October 2018 seven PFOs planned and delivered FGDs in all 34 provinces, covering the views and voices of 917 (577 male, 340 female) civil society activists.  


The data collected from each FGD was analysed and compiled to form an interactive map. For a complete copy of the FGD Report please click here