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UPDATE  28th SEPTEMBER - ENTRY NOW CLOSED! Thank you to the entrants who took the time to prepare their applications.  We will be in contact with everyone by 8th October.


Afghanistan is full of inspiring, original and important stories – and we’re offering you the chance to tell one.

Are you an experienced journalist or photographer with an idea for an interesting, under-reported development story from Afghanistan?  If so, this could be your chance to travel to the country and realise your story.

As part of our Media4Development programme, BAAG will organise and support a trip to Afghanistan for a journalist and photographer to develop an original piece of development journalism.  

The prize 

A seven night trip to Afghansitan for the winning journalist and photographer. We will provide international and local travel, accommodation, local support staff and, most importantly, access to the staff of inspirational Afghan and international development projects and to the people they support.  You’ll therefore be able to capture first-hand experiences and opinions from Afghans and aid workers to shape your story. 

Your resulting article and photographs will be used to highlight to the public the reality of development in Afghanistan – an aim close to our heart.  BAAG will publish the article and photographs on our website and promote it widely through our impressive contacts within the international journalism field.  We will also organise a public exhibition of the photographs and article in a prominent location in London and Dublin.  The winners are welcome to also secure their own publishing partners, and BAAG can support that if necessary. 

The trip will take place in late November or early December 2015, and the article and photographs will be published around Christmas.  This will be an important time to reflect on Afghanistan, since December 31st 2015 marks one year after international combat troops withdrew from the country.

How to enter

This competition is open to professional journalists and photographers and requires a joint application and collaboration between one journalist and one photographer, during the trip to Afghanistan and in the editing of the article/photographs. 

You will need to work together to develop a proposal - the Afghanistan story you would both cover if you win the competition.  We want to know about the issues it will cover, the types of people you'll interview, the story-telling approach you'll take.  We've created a template, below, which you'll need to use to think about, and then present, your proposal. 


Some guidance to help you prepare your proposal....

  • You will need to submit your proposal using the Proposal Template below
  • Please read the Entrant Criteria to check if you are eligible to apply to this competition
  • The Submission Guidelines will help you prepare and submit your complete application
  • You are required to accept the Terms & Conditions - these also contain important information on the prize etc
  • We have prepared some FAQs which we hope will be helpful.





Closing date for applications is 27th September 2015, midnight (GMT).  Good luck! 






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