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Counterpart International have generously provided funding for 19 of the Afghan civil society delegates and are funding other activities for  the delegates during their stay in London.

Counterpart International run the The Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP).  ACEP is a five-year program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), implemented by Counterpart International in partnership with Internews Network, the Aga Khan Foundation, and the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL). The Program was awarded in December 2013. The goal of ACEP is to promote civil society and media engagement that enables Afghan citizens to influence policy, monitor government accountability, and serve as an advocate for political reform. The program aims to achieve this goal through five program areas: (1) regular Civil Society Organization (CSO) engagement with government; (2) increase CSO and media thematic expertise in democracy and governance; (3) expand civic engagement; (4) improve access to independent news and public affairs information; and (5) increase CSO organizational capacity.

Counterpart International is a global development Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that empowers people and communities to implement innovative and enduring solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. For nearly 50 years, Counterpart has been forging partnerships with communities in need to address complex problems related to economic development, food security and nutrition, and building effective governance and institutions. Since 2005, Counterpart has been working closely with representatives of Afghanistan’s civil society to establish stronger, more sustainable civil society organizations, to increase civil society engagement with local, provincial, and national government institutions, and to improve coordination among CSOs in order to identify, agree on, and advocate for civil society priorities. In order to achieve ACEP’s programmatic objectives and goal, the program will provide over $20 million in support to Afghan civil society and media organizations, primarily in the form of grant funding, during the five years that ACEP is implemented.