• European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan - ENNA

European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan - ENNA


ENNA is the European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan – a network of more than 30 NGOs from across Europe, who are actively involved in non-profit humanitarian and development assistance to Afghanistan.   The ENNA network is recognized as a source of expertise on Afghanistan and has become the privileged partner of policymakers in Europe.

Aims of ENNA 

The aims of the ENNA network are to support member organizations with advocacy work in Europe and to encourage collaboration among member organizations on matters of mutual interest, with a view to strengthening and improving humanitarian assistance, reconstruction and development efforts in Afghanistan.  ENNA sees to it that its members and connected Afghan civil society actors, be they individuals or groups, are integrated into consultation and policy making processes within Europe as well as within NATO.

ENNA’s overall goal is to ensure that European and international policies and decisions help Afghan build a safe and just society.


Anna Nijsters,    Acting Director

Rue Montoyer 24 – 1000 Brussels

Tel. +32 (0) 2 287 08 09

Mob. +32 (0)471 847 899



Website :  www.ennanet.eu

Twitter   :  @ennanet