Our diverse group of members either operate in Afghanistan themselves, or work with partners based there.

Some are large international aid agencies, with a staff working across a variety of projects in different parts of the country.  Others agencies are smaller, specialising in particular fields or provinces. 

Their projects range from building schools or running hospitals to disaster relief, longterm development and peacebuilding.  A number of members concentrate specifically on projects aimed at improving women's rights or giving Afghan children a better start in life. 

What these agencies have in common is their determination to provide Afghans with the skills and knowledge they need as the nation moves towards self-sufficiency.

They use their in depth knowledge of the country and its people to ensure that their projects include every part of society and are carried out ethically, impartially and transparently.

None of our agencies act to further political or religious agendas.

We also have several observer members, who do not engage in BAAG's advocacy work. They are not associated with any public statement, lobbying or advocacy activity that BAAG carries out.

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