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BAAG's Member organisations work across a large number of Afghanistan's provinces.  Click on the provinces of the map below to see which organisations are present there and details of their programmes. 


Some of our members - Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International UK, Child Soldiers International and Global Witness - operate on a nation-wide basis rather than in specific provinces. 


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  • Oxfam

    Agriculture & rural development | Livelihood | Women

    Building Resilient Livelihoods in Daikundi Province (BRL)

    This project establishes and supports social enterprises and almond and dairy producing groups in 20 villages in Daikundi province. All these groups will be led by women. Women selected for these groups will receive capacity building trainings on how to store, process and package their products so that they can establish a place in the market.

    Other activities include:

    • Rehabilitate 20 hectares of almond orchard through terracing and trenching the hillsides.
    • Introduce new irrigation practices and technologies. There is also potential to increase the amount of water available for irrigation through rehabilitation of some karez and catchment management. 
    • Distribute goats which produce high volumes of milk from an early age and frequently produce twin births.
    • Establish almond nurseries and distribute greenhouses to produce vegetables. This will lead to increased nutritional intake through greater access to vegetable and increased income generation by sale of surplus production.
    • Cash for work - in total 500 women will be paid to provide water on a daily basis to 20 saplings for two periods of 6 months.
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  • Oxfam

    Children/social work

    My Rights, My Voice

    The project has created 10 community-level youth groups, three districts-level youth groups and one provincial youth group (for boys and girls) in 4 provinces (Kabul, Balkh, Daikundi and Badakhshan).

    The groups discuss, advocate and campaign for young people’s rights, especially about education, health issues and involvement in policy change.

    The groups have built wide networks for knowledge-sharing. Oxfam and its partners train the groups in campaigning, lobbying, budget-tracking and monitoring, as well as in how to analyse and use the data they collect.

    The project engages directly with communities and government at provincial and national levels to champion the creation of policies that reflect young people’s concerns. It lobbies for greater government investment in services for children and young people, particularly health and education, as well as increased donor funding directed at youth concern.

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  • Oxfam

    Governance | Women

    Bayan II

    Project focuses on women in the security forces.  It's long term goals are centered on inclusion (ensuring there are more women included in the security sector) and protection (ensuring women are safer inside the security forces). It also support women to enter and work effectively in parliament. 

    Bayan activities are diverse, ranging from using social media, trainings/workshops, community mobilization, engaging youth and academia, research, direct advocacy, monitoring of relevant, government policies, hotline (free consultation via phone), TV/Radio dramas and shows, roundtables, etc. Bayan national and international partners are working at local, national and international levels, engaging youth, activists, actors and stakeholders. Through advocacy, influencing and awareness rising, it is aimed to achieve more responsive and inclusive security sector and more women inclusion in leadership and politics.

    This is a consortium project with Gender Concerns International and Cordaid, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

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  • Oxfam

    Agriculture & rural development | Community development

    National Solidarity Programme 

    Working with the Ministry of Rural Development and Rehabilitation, Community Development Councils are consulted to identify problems related to infrastructure in their districts. This may be a need for protection walls, transport, energy, irrigation, better sanitation or education. Oxfam then helps implement these community infrastructures with the community members themselves.

    The Community Development Councils are responsible for the projects, while Oxfam coordinates and supports through training and links to relevant government departments at district, provincial and national levels.

    Women in these communities benefit from specific training in tailoring, literacy, carpet weaving and computer skills. 

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