• Afghan athletes arrive for Olympics

Afghan athletes arrive for Olympics

20 July 2012

Afghan athletes have arrived in the UK in pursuit of Olympic gold.

The six-strong squad, five men and one woman, are competing in athletics, boxing, judo and taekwondo.

Afghanistan first competed in the Olympics in 1936, but only won its first medal in 2008, when Rohullah Nikpai carried off a bronze in taekwondo.

This time the athletes are aiming even higher.  According to Mujeebullah Rahmani, spokesman for the Afghan National Olympic Committee “We came to London to change our bronze medal to gold - that’s our ambition.”

He was speaking to BAAG in Hertfordshire, where some of the Afghan athletes are training.

Sprinter Tahmina Kohistani, the only female member of the team, told BAAG that she’s delighted to be in the UK.

“Coming to the Olympics was one of my dreams and today I’m very happy because my dream came true.” she said.

We will be following the Afghan athletes' progress over the course of the competition.