• Afghan Civil Society Organisations' open letter to the US Congress

Afghan Civil Society Organisations' open letter to the US Congress

05 September 2019

Open Letter of Civil Society Joint Working Group (CS_JWG)

To Congress of United State of America

September 3rd 2019

The Afghan people are looking for renewed hope for peace despite the dark and black years of war and displacement over the last forty years. Citizens of Afghanistan are hoping that after about half a century of war and two generations of victims, the peace bird will fly to this land and no more gunshots will hear.

Civil Society Joint Working Group (CSJWG) as largest network of civil society organization in Afghanistan which representing more than 1,200 national civil society organizations, while supporting the peace process, calls for the consideration of citizens and civil society actors in the final peace agreement.

Now that the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban has been agreed in principle, it is in the process of being approved by the US president and US congress. The most important demands of CSJWG that are in line with the wishes of the majority of Afghan citizens are:

  • Ceasefire agreement and end of violence across the country;
  • Upholding the values gained in the last two decades, such as human rights, women's rights, freedom of expression, free media and non-discrimination between citizens and democratic values;
  • Continue to support Afghan national institutions and programs;
  • Adhering to the future government of Afghanistan in international agreements that it has so far acceded to or endorsed, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ,UN Charter and the UN Conventions;
  • No change in the republican system of government.

The Afghanistan Civil Society Joint Working Group hopes that the above concerns and demands will be addressed by the respected US Congress as Afghanistan's great ally in the final peace agreement and its implementation. We believe that we will achieve a lasting, just and peaceful peace in Afghanistan given the proposals.


Hoping for peace and ending the war


Copy to: 

  • The National Unity Government of Afghanistan 
  • Parliament of Afghanistan
  • US Special Representative for Afghanistan Peace process 
  • US Embassy in Kabul
  • EU Representative in Kabul
  • Embassies in Kabul
  • US Presidential Office 
  • NATO Headquarter 
  • Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • UNAMA  



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