• Afghan Women Demand a Just and Accountable Peace

Afghan Women Demand a Just and Accountable Peace

11 September 2020

Dear Leaders of the Member States of NATO and the United Nations,

As we mark nineteen years since the devastating attack on the World Trade Center which claimed more than 3,000 innocent lives, and the ousting of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, we send this letter on behalf of 15,0001 Afghan women from across Afghanistan to thank our international allies for their sacrifices and support in helping us rebuild our democratic systems, broken institutions, and empowering our youth to use their energy and talent for developing our country.

The ups and downs of the past nineteen years have made us stronger in our resolve, commitment and dedication for a just and sustainable peace. Now that we are at a critical juncture in our modern history, we are both hopeful and fearful. We are hopeful that the peace process will end the four decades of violence and bloodshed in our beloved country. Yet we are fearful that our gains of the past two decades are at danger of being eroded if the Taliban return to Afghanistan with the same mentality, ambition and behavior as in the 1990s when they turned our cities and villages into ghost towns and allowed safe havens for regional and global terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda.


To see the full statement please go to the following link: https://www.baag.org.uk/sites/www.baag.org.uk/files/resources/attachments/Afghan%20Women%20Letter%20to%20NATO%20Member%20States%20and%20United%20Nations.pdf