• BAAG launches monthly Afghanistan report

BAAG launches monthly Afghanistan report

04 November 2013

BAAG is pleased to announce that in October it launched a new service to its members. Cognisant of both the time pressures on staff delivering and supporting programmes in Afghanistan, and of the abundance of news stories about, and from, the country, BAAG now produces a monthly report.  Our October 2013 report can be read here


Whilst we don't aspire to provide our in-depth analysis of each month's events - since this is already provided by various analysts and commentators - we aim to provide a snap-shot of key developments in Afghanistan each month.  By keeping to a limit of 2 pages, our Report helps ensure our time-pressured audience are kept informed and updated via an easy-to-read format.


We have received much positive feedback from current recipients of our report - including member agency staff, the Afghan Ambassador in London and parliamentarians.


The BAAG Monthly Reports are available in the BAAG Reports page of our Resources section.  

If you would like to subscribe to the Monthly Report email alert, please send your name, position and organisation details to jenny.humphreys@baag.org.uk