• Civil Society Position Paper - Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018

Civil Society Position Paper - Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018

07 December 2018

On the 28th November the 13th high-level international conference on Afghanistan took place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Afghan Civil Society was proudly represented by a delegation of 10 civil society activist who advocated on issues ranging from gender rights, peace and security, and electoral reform.  With the support of civil society organisations across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan and members of civil society committees the delegation compiled a collaborative Civil Society Position Paper. Published on the 28th November prior to the official Civil Society address in the UN Council Chamber the Position Paper identifies several key areas for the Kabul government and its international partners to focus on. The Civil Society Delegation calls on the government of Afghanistan and the international community to address recommendations stated for the following areas: 

1) Peace, security, and the protection of civilian victims of war

2) Aid Effectiveness and Service Delivery

3) Fight against corruption

4) Womens Inclusion 

5) Elections

6) Social protection of the disabled and internally displaced

7) Strengthening and developing the role of civil society


To download a copy of the 2018 Civil Society Position Paper please click here