Comic about Afghan policewoman

29 December 2020

A graphic story by Cristina Durán - Miguel Á. Giner Bou and Oxfam



This graphic story is part of the Oxfam campaign that supports the inclusion and meaningful participation of women in the Afghan police. It was developed within the Strategic Partnership project ‘Towards a Worldwide Influencing Network’, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Many thanks to all the colleagues, Afghans and internationals, who supported the development of the story with their comments and suggestions.

About the authors

Jorrit Kamminga has been supporting Oxfam projects in Afghanistan since 2014, with a special interest and passion for the integration, protection and meaningful participation of Afghan women in the police and army. For more information or with questions or comments about the story, contact Jorrit at:

Cristina Durán and Miguel Ángel Giner Bou are graphic novel artists from Valencia, Spain. Ever since they opened their studio LaGRÚAestudio in 1993, they have dedicated themselves to what they are most passionate about drawing and telling stories. In 2019, they won the Spanish National Comic Award.

Please click the following link to access to the comic: