• Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 Announcement - Civil Society Delegation Nominations

Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 Announcement - Civil Society Delegation Nominations

03 September 2018

Applications are no longer being accepted as the deadline was 18 September 2018.


The GCA Civil Society Delegation Nomination

In November 2018 the UN and Afghan government are jointly hosting the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan (GCA), a donor conference to improve mutual commitments to Afghanistan and to discuss reform and development milestones for the Afghan government and international partners.  The Civil Society Working Committee (CSWC) is working with the co-hosts of the GCA to enable effective input and participation by civil society ahead of, and during, the Conference. This will include meetings, conferences and activities in Kabul, Geneva and other cities, and the invitation of 10 Afghan civil society delegates to the Conference in Geneva. 

The ten civil society delegates (composed of at least 50% women) shall actively participate in the conference process, the civil society national conference in Kabul and the Geneva conferences’ side events and main event, and engage with national and international policymakers, media and other stakeholders. They will ensure that the voices of the people of Afghanistan informs the process and discussions in the lead-up, during and after the GCA.

This documents lays out the procedure for forming the civil society delegation that will attend the GCA. It will identify the criteria for the candidates, the criteria for the delegation and the process through which the delegation will be formed. If you would like to nominate yourself for the civil society delegation, please read this document carefully and check that you meet the criteria before submitting your application.


Criteria for Civil Society Delegates

This open call is posted online and shared widely through all of our networks for civil society actors from across the country to submit an application. Eligible candidates should meet the following criteria:


  1. Afghan with valid travel document: All civil society (CS) actors who are Afghan and who have valid passport (minimum 6 months validity), can apply. Possessing valid travel documents is the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  2. Age: The candidate should be at least 22 years old. There is no maximum age requirement.
  3. NGO and Civil Society involvement: At least a minimum of 5 years working experience with the NGO community and civil society is required. The candidate should be a staff member of a civil society or non-governmental organisation, or be an independent civil/human rights activist. He/she should not be a fulltime or halftime government employee, a staff member of a for-profit organisation, a member of political party, or a member of pro-government or anti-government military forces.
  4. Non-partisan and no political affiliation: All applicants are required to be non-partisan and with no political affiliation and membership to any political parties.
  5. No criminal and human rights violation record: the candidate should not have been sentenced by a national or international court for criminal and human rights violations, and should have a sound reputation.
  6. High caliber: the candidate should be able to speak knowledgably and confidently about the key Afghanistan issues particularly on the theme of his/her expertise. The candidate should know about the major development policies that affect the country, the development situation, opportunities and challenges, and have reliable working experience with civil society institutions. Educational degree is not a requirement.
  7. Convincing CV and cover letter and employment letter: All applicants are required to submit an update CV of him/herself with a cover letter highlighting the reasons that he/she sees him/herself qualified and why is intended to attend the GCA. An employment letter is also needed if the applicant is a staff of NGO/CSO. Independent civil society actors don’t need to submit the employment letter.
  8. Effective Communication skills in English: It is required that all eligible applicants  be fluent in English with effective communication skills, as there are many forums for direct interactions with international policymakers, politicians, media, NGOs and other interested stakeholders during the conference and the side events for the 10-member delegates to convey and share the core messages of Afghan people to them.
  9. Experience with National and International Media: The GCA is a rare opportunity for Afghanistan’s future and the long-term commitment of international community. It is anticipated that the Afghan delegates should have experience of dealing and interacting with different media outlets to convey the Afghan people’s message in its best and most effective manner.
  10. Advocacy initiatives engagement: All applicants should enjoy experience of involvement in various thematic advocacy initiatives.
  11. Commitment to return: The candidate should be committed to return to Afghanistan after the conference. He/she should abstain from using the visa for any migration/asylum-seeking cases. A guarantee letter from the candidates’ organisation that confirms their confidence in them returning maybe requested.
  12. Commitment to follow-up: The candidate should be committed to undertake follow-up activities related to the GCA including reporting back to Kabul and provinces about the discussions/commitments.
  13. Not be members of the Delegate Screening Committee or Interview Committee.
  14. Recent travel abroad and visits to various provinces are advantages: Travel abroad and visits to various provinces inside the country (research, survey, or advocacy events) recently could be considered as advantages, but not sole indicators for selection.


Interested applicants who meet the criteria are requested to send 1) their CV, 2) a cover letter clearly stating that they meet the criteria and are committed to contributing effectively in the Geneva conference process, and 3) a letter from their employer confirming their employment and consent (if the applicant is the staff of an NGO/CSO).

These documents should be sent along with copies of the nominee’s passport to afg.cswc@gmail.com no later than 17:30, Tuesday 18th September 2018.

Late applications or those that fail to send their CV, the cover letter and the passport will not be considered.


Timeline for process

03 Sep 2018: Open call for nominations published and shared

21-22 Sep 2018: Screening Committee screens all applications and provides first shortlist

23-25 Sep 2018: Interview Committee interviews shortlisted candidates (face to face or via phone/skype).

26 Sep 2018: Announcement of delegation


(Credit photo - Najeeb Azad)