• Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 Announcement - INGO Civil Society Applications

Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 Announcement - INGO Civil Society Applications

12 October 2018


Applications are no longer being accepted as the deadline was 22nd October 2018.


In November 2018 the UN and Afghan government are jointly hosting the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan (GCA), a donor conference to improve mutual commitments to Afghanistan and to discuss reform and development milestones for the Afghan government and international partners.  A delegation of international non-governmental organisations (INGO) will be invited to the GCA in late November. They will be taking part in a series of events on the 26th – 28th November, including the main event.

An independent Advisory Committee consisting of INGO representatives supported by the British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG) has be tasked with selecting a delegation that can advocate effectively and further the causes agreed by civil society (Afghan and international) in the GCA and follow up on the commitments made there.

The successful INGO delegates will play a supportive role to the 10 delegates representing Afghan civil society and complement their advocacy and policy activities in Geneva. To that end the INGO delegation will actively participate in the conference process through supporting the civil society delegation at the Geneva conferences’ side events and main event, and engage with national and international policymakers, media and other stakeholders.

After soliciting the views of INGOs and a thorough review of the INGO section process following the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan in 2016 a final decision was reached on the selection criteria and process. On 12th October 2018, the Advisory Committee agreed on the following points:


  1. The delegation will be formed of international charities (non-profit). Private sector, Public sector UN agency and national diaspora groups will not be considered;

  2. The charity should have worked in Afghanistan for at least five years. Longer work period is an advantage;

  3. The charity should have current projects in Afghanistan either directly implemented or through a partnership approach;

  4. The charity should have programmes and technical expertise in at least one of the following areas: media, humanitarian, education, health, livelihoods, women’s rights, human rights, development, governance, extractives, IDPs, and peacebuilding;

  5. The charity should have a track record of influencing policy and leading advocacy campaigns;

  6. The nominees should be of a good standing in their organisation, and should have good understanding and experience of aid coordination frameworks including the SMAF and ANPDF;

  7. Afghan national INGO staff are encouraged to apply however, INGOs would need to sponsor their Afghan staff who need Swiss visas (unfortunately, BAAG will not be able to assist with this); 

  8. The delegation will have gender balance.

  9. The delegation should be formed of organisations that works across all Afghan provinces; the experience of working in neighbouring countries is an advantage but not necessarily a criterion; and it is not necessary that a single organisation works in all provinces;

  10. Those who are already represented through other formal channels in the GCA will not be considered if there are more than 10 applications;

  11. The Advisory Committee will solicit applications from all INGOs engaged in the process and will make the final decision using the above criteria.


The delegation may include representatives of INGOs who are Afghan or who are usually based in Afghanistan. However, BAAG cannot support any visa applications or travel arrangements for these individuals so their organisation must take the responsibility and risk for these matters themselves. 

If you are interested to be part of this delegation, please complete the supplied application form and return it to assistant@baag.org.uk by 17.30 GMT, 22nd October 2018.

Please note, the exact number of INGO Delegates is currently under consideration by GCA organisers. A likely figure is five to a maximum of ten. 


Timeline for process

12th October 2018: Open call for nominations published and shared.

22nd October 2018: Call for nominations closes at 17:30 BST

24th October 2018: Advisory Committee screens all applications and selects a shortlist using the Selection Form. The Advisory Committee will deliberate and agree on the delegates.

25th October 2018: Announcement of delegation.


Application Form - Link