• International Girls' Day: Educating Afghan Girls

International Girls' Day: Educating Afghan Girls

07 October 2012

Afghan Connection's CEO, Sarah Fane, went more than the extra mile to mark the first-ever International Girls' Day on October 11.

Last week Dr Fane travelled to the remote Worsaj district of Afghanistan's Takhar province to celebrate the occasion with pupils in schools built or supported by her charity.  Dr Fane and film maker Leslie Knott recorded the stories of some of the extraordinary young women from Worsaj who, against all odds, are attending school.  Their stories will be used as part of the global 10x10 project promoting girls' education.

They also filmed the responses of the Afghan pupils to questions sent to them from schoolchildren in the UK and United States.  Dr Fane then carried questions from the Afghan pupils back to Kabul, where she met Afghanistan's Education Minister, Ghulam Farooq Wardak.

Since 2002, Afghan Connection has funded the construction of 36 schools, serving more than 40,000 Afghan children.  Twenty of these schools have been twinned with schools in the UK.  The charity also recently set up the Worsaj Education project, supporting education in the remote Hindu Kush, where barely a single adult female can read or write.

Read Sarah's blog - and watch videos about her trip - in the "Views and Voices" section of our website.

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Picture credit: Sarah Fane in Afghanistan, Copyright Afghan Connection