• Linda Norgrove Foundation joins BAAG

Linda Norgrove Foundation joins BAAG

25 June 2015

BAAG’s network is growing. We are delighted to welcome The Linda Norgrove Foundation to our membership. 

The Linda Norgrove Foundation was established in 2010 and is a grant-making organisation, providing support to various small Afghan projects and charities.  The Foundation provides vital funding to Afghan-led organisations which make a genuine impact at the local level. 

The Foundation is run by John and Lorna Norgrove, and was set up to continue the work of their daughter, Linda.  Linda Norgrove was an aid worker devoted to her work in Afghanistan and to the Afghan people, working to ensure their prosperity and dignity.  Linda was kidnapped and subsequently died during a failed rescue attempt in Afghanistan in October 2010.

BAAG value the work of the Foundation and other small, Afghanistan-dedicated charities within its membership.  Working directly with Afghans leading their own projects or organisations, the Foundation’s support results in positive and valuable changes.  These are seen in the every-day lives of beneficiaries such as vulnerable children, orphans, women and students. Whilst there’s a clear need for longer-term, large-scale projects in Afghanistan, smaller projects like those funded by the Linda Norgrove Foundation provide immediate results – and therefore hope and determination – to hundreds of Afghans.  Some of their projects have strong multiplier effects – such as the life-saving messages about explosives awareness provided to audiences enjoying performances of the Afghan Children’s Circus.

Speaking about their membership of BAAG, Lorna Norgrove comments: ‘Earlier this year we visited several of the projects the Foundation supports in Afghanistan and were blown away by the tremendous enthusiasm and gratitude from women and children who benefit from our work. We found that the thirst in women to gain an education was humbling, coming from a society where this is regarded as a birthright. We do hope that our membership in BAAG will enable and empower us to do more.’

The Foundation also aims to promote understanding of Afghanistan in the UK, an objective close to BAAG’s heart.  With an initial focus on Scotland, where the charity is based, the trustees are investigating links and communications between schools in Afghanistan and Scotland, and helping Afghan enterprises make products for export.

‘Social change is a long, gradual process,’ writes BAAG’s Director, Jawed Nader. ‘Small projects, like those run through the Linda Norgrove Foundation’s support, tell us a great deal about how individuals and sporadic small projects attain long term social change. We are delighted about the Linda Norgrove Foundation’s inclusion in the BAAG network, and welcome them warmly.’