• Meet the Afghan civil society delegates for Brussels

Meet the Afghan civil society delegates for Brussels

29 September 2016

Ten prominent civil society activists were selected to participate in the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan on the 4th and 5th October.  

Read their profiles and stories here


  1. Mr Aziz Rafiee – Afghan Civil Society Forum-organisation
  2. Ms Palwasha Hassan - Afghan Women’s Educational Centre
  3. Mr Naeem Ayubzada - Transparent Elections Foundation of Afghanistan
  4. Ms Nooria Sultani - Equality for Peace and Democracy
  5. Mr Sayed Ikram Afzali - Integrity Watch Afghanistan
  6. Ms Samira Hamidi - Afghan Women's Network
  7. Mr Maiwand Rahyab - Afghan Institute for Civil Society
  8. Ms Zarqa Yaftali - Women & Children Legal Research Foundation
  9. Mr Jan Mohammad - South Western Afghanistan & Balochistan Association
  10. Ms Freshta Karimi - Da Qanoon Ghoshtonky