• New e-book to help fund Afghan schools

New e-book to help fund Afghan schools

17 December 2012

A new e-book, "Afghanistan Revealed"  includes chapters from some of the world’s top experts on the country - with profits going to Afghan school projects.  

The book, compiled by the UK based charity The Afghan Appeal Fund, goes beyond the usual focus on politics and war to examine the lives of the Afghan people and the forces which have shaped their nation. 

The foreword is written by Paddy Ashdown, who describes the book as "a true tour de force, presenting a wealth of expertise". 

Contributors include top author and journalist Ahmed Rashid and the BBC’s David Loyn, along with many other prominent writers, scholars, diplomats and photographers. 

One set of chapters covers different aspects of Afghanistan’s history from ancient times to the emergence - and re-emergence - of the Taliban.  Another concentrates on the regional context and how the country was affected by the strategic aims of regional powers.  And a section on life, family and culture covers issues ranging from the impact of Islam on Afghanistan to Afghan cuisine and the diversity of the Afghan people.

The contributors have all agreed to donate their royalties to the Afghan Appeal Fund. The charity, run on a voluntary basis by families of British soldiers, has already funded five schools in Afghanistan, supporting around 6,000 pupils. It is now working on funding five more Afghan educational projects.

In her introduction to “Afghanistan Revealed”,  Caroline Richards of The Afghan Appeal Fund paid tribute to the generosity of the contributors, adding, “I would like to think the book contributes to an understanding and empathy with Afghanistan today, by re-examining assumptions, stripping back prejudices, and revealing the layers of richness and complexity that lie beneath”.

More information at http://afghanappealfund.org.uk/

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PUBLISHED: December 2012 by Crux Publishing