• NGOs urge NATO to do more to protect civilians and respect human rights in Afghanistan

NGOs urge NATO to do more to protect civilians and respect human rights in Afghanistan

18 October 2013

BAAG and 20 other members and partners of the European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan (ENNA) have presented a letter to Anders Fogh Rasmussen ahead of NATO’s Defence Ministers’ Meeting on the 22-23 October 2013.

NATO ministers will discuss the current and future ISAF (international security assistance force) mission in Afghanistan.  Post 2014, the focus of any remaining ISAF personnel will be training and mentoring of Afghan security forces, rather than the combat mission of previous years.

Also for discussion in this meeting will be a review on ISAFs implementation of UNSCR 1325.  This Security Council Resolution, passed in 2000, addresses not only the excessive impact of war on women, but also the pivotal role they should play in conflict resolution and peace negotiations.

The letter – which can be read in full here, from our Resources section – capitalises on the Defence Ministers meeting to urge NATO to fulfil an important role in upholding women’s rights and participation in security forces and peace discussions.  The letter also calls for increased accountability and oversight mechanisms within the Afghan National Security Forces to ensure increased civilian protection and greater respect to human rights and humanitarian law.

BAAG and other ENNA members continue to support Afghan and international civil society organisations in their delivery of vital women’s rights and peace building programmes in Afghanistan.  We believe that Afghanistan’s progression depends on stability and peace, and that women must play an important role in the delivery of both.