• Provincial Women’s Networks Perspectives and Recommendations for Intra-Afghan Negotiations

Provincial Women’s Networks Perspectives and Recommendations for Intra-Afghan Negotiations

19 August 2020

Following the historic National Consultative Peace Jirga, which endorsed the release of the remaining 400 Taliban prisoners, all milestones for beginning the Intra-Afghan negotiations are achieved. Now no side has any excuse for delaying the negotiations. We, the members of Provincial Women’s Network from 15 provinces of Afghanistan, would like to encourage both the government and Taliban to respect the call of Jirga delegates for beginning the negotiations as soon as possible.

Afghanistan has been in conflict for four decades and we have lost millions of our people to the imposed war. Continuation of war will do nothing but further destroy our homeland, claim more innocent lives and create more hatred and grievances among our people. We believe that by talking to each other and having an honest dialogue we can resolve our issues. Today the whole world is encouraging Afghans to produce a peaceful settlement and we as citizens of this country need to cautiously and responsibly use this opportunity to end the bloodshed, learn to embrace our diversities and live in harmony. As leaders of this poor nation, we have a responsibility towards our youth and children who are Afghanistan of today and tomorrow. The vast majority of our youth and children are faced with enormous challenges due to insecurity. While the majority of youth and children in the region and around the world enjoy access to services, education and recreation, our youth and children have to carry the burden of violence. Our youth is often viewed as threats to security because of their vulnerability and susceptibility to recruitment by armed groups. We believe that with proper support and empowerment young Afghan men and women can be agents of change. Like youth anywhere in the world, Afghan youth have enthusiasm, creativity and motivation to make things better. When the government and the society fail to channel their energy into positive actions, they look for other means and that is when terrorist groups exploit their vulnerability and recruit them. The time has come that leaders must think about their peoples’ needs, concerns and potential. It is time to put their personal interests and differences aside for the good of the country.

Knowing the domestic, regional and international dimensions of Afghanistan conflict, we call on all actors including government, Taliban, Afghan women and men leaders, religious actors, tribal elders, neighboring countries and international community to consider the following recommendations during the Intra-Afghan negotiations for securing a sustainable peace deal. 

To see the full statement please go to the following link: https://www.baag.org.uk/sites/www.baag.org.uk/files/resources/attachments/Provincial%20Women%27s%20Networks%20Perspectives%20and%20Recommendations.pdf