• Report launch presents civil society recommendations from London Conference

Report launch presents civil society recommendations from London Conference

27 March 2015

Today we launch the complete report of our Ayenda Conference.  Fulfilling Afghan Futures: Civil Society priorities post-2014 presents the discussions and recommendations raised by Afghan and international civil society during last December’s London Conference on Afghanistan (LCA). 

Over 250 people attended the Ayenda Conference on the 3rd December, including 53 Afghan civil society delegates who travelled from Kabul and various Afghan provinces.  This was the largest ever Afghan civil society delegation to attend an international donor conference.

The report provides discussions and recommendations on subjects including governance, the role and rights of women, service delivery, Afghan youth and economic development.  The recommendations place responsibilities on the Afghan government, international partners and civil society itself, and include matters such as accountability, women’s political, economic and social participation, needs-based service delivery and enforcing rule of law.

Fittingly for a conference entitled Ayenda (Dari for future), the overall tone was optimistic. Comments were made on the formation of the new Afghan government and the positive rhetoric from international donors during the LCA.  Barry Salaam, one of the two Spokespersons of the Afghan civil society delegation stated: ‘Afghanistan has the potential to become economically self-sufficient. But we need international investment and guidance to unleash our potential.’

As reported earlier this month, civil society are working to maintain the momentum of the LCA and to look ahead at their role in Afghanistan’s future.  Their recent joint statement with BAAG demonstrates their intention to play a meaningful role in Afghanistan’s development and rights decisions and activities.