• Skateistan Stays the Course

Skateistan Stays the Course

01 October 2012

Kabul based charity Skateistan has pledged to continue its work, despite the killing of four of its young skateboarders in a suicide bombing last month.

In late September, only weeks after the incident, hundreds of Skateistan's pupils and supporters took part in celebrations to mark the UN’s International Day of Peace (pictured above). 

Skateistan Media Officer Rhianon Bader told the BBC “This tragic incident will not deter Skateistan from continuing our activities in Kabul.  We have many street working kids coming each week, and this incident only makes it more clear how important it is that we provide them with a safe space to have fun and gain access to education.”

Nawab The charity combines skateboarding with education for Afghan children, including those working on the streets.

Six people were killed by a teenage suicide bomber on September 8, close to the headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul.  Skateistan said it was a place "where many of the street working children of Kabul sell trinkets, scarves and chewing gum to help support their families". 

Four of those killed were students, volunteers or youth leaders with Skateistan.  They included two of its young instructors, 17 year old Nawab (pictured above) and 14 year old Khorshid (pictured below). 

KhorshidThe school's newest student, Khorshid’s eight year old sister Parwana, was also killed in the blast, along with another Skateistan student, 13 year old Mohammad Eeza. 

Navid, a 14 year old Skateistan volunteer, was seriously injured.

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