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This section includes key reports and briefing papers on Afghanistan from NGOs, think tanks, and governmental bodies. They are divided into the broad categories indicated on the left.

Multi-issue reports - eg Health & Education, or Children's Issues, are listed under the "Development" section.

Our aim is to provide a solid core of interesting and accurate information on Afghanistan of interest to the British and Afghan public, as well as decision makers, academics, and the international aid community.

Please feel free to email us if you feel we have omitted a major report!

Latest resources

  • Afghanistan in September 2017

    Our monthly review of the key news from Afghanistan.

    PDF icon Afghanistan in September FINAL.pdf
  • Afghanistan: Demographic and Health Survey, January 2017

    The Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey (AfDHS) 2015 is the first survey of its kind to be implemented in Afghanistan as part of the worldwide Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program. It was implemented by the joint effort of the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), with the objective of providing reliable, accurate, and up-todate data for the country. This report presents comprehensive, final outcomes of the findings of the survey. Readers will find the information useful for program planning and evaluation.

    PDF icon FR323.pdf
  • AREU: Evolution of the Executive Branch in Afghanistan: A Look Back and Recommendations on the Way Forward, August 2017

    The findings of this report illustrate that legitimate change in the political system of Afghanistan will require an amended Constitution. The authority to amend the Constitution of Afghanistan has been given to the Loya Jirga in the Constitution. The majority of experts interviewed recognized that in the present situation, there are significant obstacles to convening a Loya Jirga. As a legal matter, it is unlikely that a Loya Jirga could be convened under the Constitution, because firstly Afghanistan has not held District Council elections; and secondly as some of the Experts point out, the legitimacy of the current Parliament is also in question. All but one of the Experts also considered the social, political and security obstacles to convening a Loya Jirga. In particular, some Experts fear that ethnic issues may predominate, leading to the Loya Jirga spending more time debating identity and language issues than it would addressing the structure of the government.

    PDF icon AREU__Executive-Review-in-Afghanistan__English_print_covers.pdf

Range of reports from Government and NGO sources on Afghanistan.