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This section includes key reports and briefing papers on Afghanistan from NGOs, think tanks, and governmental bodies. They are divided into the broad categories indicated on the left.

Multi-issue reports - eg Health & Education, or Children's Issues, are listed under the "Development" section.

Our aim is to provide a solid core of interesting and accurate information on Afghanistan of interest to the British and Afghan public, as well as decision makers, academics, and the international aid community.

Please feel free to email us if you feel we have omitted a major report!

Latest resources

  • The enabling environment for Civil Society: Civic space, engagement and elections

    In December 2017 the Civil Society Working Committee came together to dicuss approaches to civic space, engagement and elections ahead of 2018. This paper aims, in the first part, to establish specific areas for discussion in the hope that the debate will lead to actions which will enhance the operating space for civil society and strengthen the state-civil society relationship. Both Civil Society and Government Institutions shall be accountable for the action points found and in areas collaboration is paramount to securing safe spaces for society and community to flourish. The second part highlights the importance of an earlier discussion on elections as 2018 and 2019 shall see both parliamentary and presidential election processes.The texts attached include copies in English, Pashto and Dari. 

    File Discussion Paper - Dari.docx, Microsoft Office document icon Discussion Paper - Pashto.doc, File Discussion Paper - English.docx
  • Afghanistan in July & August 2018

    Our monthly round up of the news in July and August 2018.

    PDF icon Afghanistan in July & August.pdf
  • World Report 2018

    The Human Rights Watch annual review of human rights around the globe, including Afghanistan.

    PDF icon 201801world_report_web.pdf

Range of reports from Government and NGO sources on Afghanistan.