BAAG reports

  • BAAG: Monthly report, April 2014

    BAAG's monthly 2 page review of the key news and developments from Afghanistan.  April 2014 was dominated by the presidential and provincial elections, with a successful first round voting day.  Other news includes the humanitarian crisis following flash floods, a spate of violence conducted by rogue Afghan policemen and the success of students who were the first to complete all their education since the fall of Taliban rule. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan in April.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, March 2014

    Our monthly 2-page summary of the main developments and news from Afghanistan.  March saw the Afghan journalist community boycotting Taliban news following the murder of 2 of their own, drop-outs from the Presidential candidates race and funding pledges from Sweden, Japan,  the UN and a footballer. 

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  • BAAG: Understanding Gender Programming & Issues in Afghanistan, March 2014

    BAAG's briefing paper was drafted ahead of our Getting it Right Gender Conference, held in London on March 26th & 27th.  It summarises key points raised during BAAG's earlier gender programme activities, including discussions by 4 leading Gender specialists on programme successes and challenges (held in May 2013) and points raised  during a week of discussions on violence against women & girls (VAWG) by 3 leading Afghan women's rights activitists (held in July 2013).The paper includes comments on the increased need for men and boys to be included in women's rights programming, the need for experienced and specialist staff to design and run gender programmes and the dangers of inconsistent gender policies within the donor community. 

    PDF icon BAAG Briefing Note_Understanding Gender_FINAL.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, February 2014

    Our monthly 2-page round up of the main news and developments in Afghanistan.  February highlights include the launch of campaigning by the Presidential candidates, a Valentine's Day protest by women in Kabul, continued political wrangling over the Bilateral Security Agreement and success in Afghan cricket. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan in February 2014.pdf
  • BAAG: Transition and Non-Government Organizations in Afghanistan, January 2014

    BAAG, in partnership with ENNA (European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan) and APPRO (Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization), surveyed various NGOs operating in Afghanistan in mid-late 2013.  This research reveals their concerns and recommendations on the various scenarios which could result from the security, political and financial transitions of 2014.  Whilst all surveyed NGOs are firmly committed to continuing their programmes in Afghanistan, there are various complex issues they and their donors must address. 

    PDF icon NGOs in Transition.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, January 2014

    January's 2-page review of the month's news and developments from Afghanistan includes updates on electoral proceedings, comments on security incidents which included an unprecedented attack on ex-patriots in Kabul and encouraging economic and sporting progress. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan in January 2014.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, December 2013

    Our monthly 2-page summary of the main developments and news stories.  Highlights for December include the sad increase in violence against aid workers and journalists, an overall positive perception survey by The Asia Foundation and increased commitment to maternal health programmes.  

    PDF icon BAAG Afghanistan in Dec 2013.pdf
  • BAAG: Letter to Afghan Government on the EVAW Law, November 2013

    Presented to the Afghan Ambassador to London on 25th November 2013 - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - BAAG's letter presents to the Afghan government and various ministries recommendations for implementation of the Elimination of Violence against Women law.   The letter was written in consultation with various BAAG members and supporting organisations providing women's rights and gender programmes in the country.  BAAG and its members will maintain contact with the various ministries to request their response and follow-up plans. 

    PDF icon EVAW letter to Afghan Ambassador 25 Nov 2013.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, November 2013

    This month's review of the key developments in Afghanistan includes warnings from both sides on the Bilateral Security Agreement, positive news for one presidential nominee and a possible backward step for human rights. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan in November 2013.pdf
  • BAAG: Sustainable Engagement to 2014 & beyond, November 2013

    BAAG and Chatham House convened a panel of experts on Afghanistan to consider various scenarios the country may face in 2014 and beyond.  Topics included the presidential election process, improving governance, and the role of civil society.  Overall, the panel felt a middle ground, cautiously optimistic scenario was most likely, and discussions indicated the increasingly loud voice of a nation who are demanding progress from their government.  

    PDF icon BAAG Chatham House Sustainable Engagement Nov 13.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, October 2013

    This month's report includes developments for nominees of the presidential and provincial election, reports on security and rights issues and highlights of some of the cultural and sporting events in October 2013. 

    PDF icon Afghanistan this October 31Oct13.pdf
  • Civil Military Relations in Afghanistan, 2001 to transition, September 2013

    A report following the joint BAAG and Humanitarian Policy Group roundtable on civil military relationships, held in May 2013.  With contributions from military, NGO and research atttendees, the report presents an historical overview of the key events in civ-mil relations since the 2001 intervention and the impact of stabilisation approaches.  It concludes by considering the future challenges following the security transition in 2014. Read the full report. 

    PDF icon HPG and BAAG Dialogue Civ-mil relations in Afghanistan Sept 2013.pdf
  • BAAG: Monthly report, September 2013

    A new resource from BAAG - our comments on the key developments and events in Afghanistan in the previous month.  September included both election and football fever, some answers for families missing relatives since the late 1970s and concerns regarding the progress of human rights. 

    PDF icon BAAG report Afghanistan in Month September 2013.pdf
  • BAAG: Letter to Ministry of Mines, June 2013

    BAAG and 35 international and Afghan civil society organisations petitioned the Afghan Ministry of Mines to deliver on their commitments for effective oversight of the burgeoning mining sector.  The call came ahead of critical meetings in Kabul on 3rd July 2013. At the 2012 Tokyo conference, Afghanistan and its international partners agreed to develop a framework “that governs Afghanistan’s natural wealth through an accountable, efficient and transparent mechanism which builds upon and surpasses international best practices.”  The civil society organisations responded to concerns that this could be interpreted as nothing more than publishing mining revenues.A further letter was sent to the international partners party to the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework. Read the letters in full here. 

    PDF icon Civil Society Letter to MoM June 2013.pdf, PDF icon Letter to International TMAF partners re mining June 13.pdf
  • BAAG: Peacebuilding in Afghanistan and Perspectives on Civil Society's Role, September 2012

    A report of workshop proceedings which took place in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland, from 23-27 February 2012. It was organised by the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group in association with Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. It was attended by 17 Afghan peacebuilders and civil society activists from across Afghanistan, as well as peace practitioners, politicians and civil society representatives from other conflict areas. The aim was to discuss peacebuilding and facilitate an exchange of ideas about civil society’s role in peace processes. The workshop sessions explored a range of perspectives on the peace processes in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.

    PDF icon BAAG-2012-peace-building-rep final.pdf