• Integrity Watch: Shadow Justice, December 2012

    This Integrity Watch report focuses on the sensitive issue of the Taliban's shadow justice system, which operates using mobile courts in remote parts of Afghanistan. Written by Antonio Giustozzi, Claudio Franco and Adam Baczko, it examines how that system works, how it has adapted over the years and how effective it is.  Sources for the report included interviews with members of the Taliban and people living in Taliban-controlled areas.

    PDF icon Integrity Watch Shadow Justice Dec. 2012.pdf
  • AAN: Legal Aid in Afghanistan: Contexts, Challenges and the Future, April 2012

    The growth of legal aid services in criminal cases across Afghanistan has been a bright spot in justice reform efforts there over the past decade. But this report from the Afghanistan Analysts' Network warns that if these modest agains are to continue, stakeholders - including donors - must answer fundamental questions about how to make legal aid sustainable both financially and politically.

    PDF icon Legal Aid in Afghanistan April 2012.pdf
  • AREU: Afghanistan: Looking ahead: Challenges for Governance and Community Welfare, December 2011

    Released ahead of the Bonn Conference, this report by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit contains policy notes based on topics including governance, development and justice.

    PDF icon AREU Challenges for Governance and Community Welfare Dec. 2011.pdf
  • Integrity Watch Afghanistan: Hajigak - the Jewel of Afghan Mines , July 2011

    IWA reports on the potential opportunities - and risks - linked to plans to exploit Afghanistan’s largest iron mine.

    PDF icon Hajigak - the Jewel of Afghan Mine July 2011.pdf
  • AREU: Local Governance in Afghanistan: A View from the Ground, June 2011

    Research paper on how local government in Afghanistan has progressed and how it interacts with informal governance mechanisms.

    PDF icon AREU Local Governance in Afghanistan June 2011.pdf