Human rights

  • Save the Children: Afghanistan in Transition: Putting Children at the Heart of Development, November 2011

    Save the Children assesses how international aid has changed Afghan children’s lives since 2001 and puts forward proposals for child-oriented “smart development” policies for the future.

    PDF icon Save the Children - Afghanistan in Transition Nov. 2011.PDF
  • United Nations: A Long Way to Go: Implementation of the Violence Against Women Law in Afghanistan, November 2011

    The UN points out that most incidents of violence against women go unreported, despite a landmark law criminalising  child marriage, forced marriage, rape and other acts of violence against women.

    PDF icon A Long Way to Go Nov. 2011.pdf
  • Amnesty International: Afghanistan 10 years on - Slow progress and failed promises, October 2011

    Amnesty report to mark the 10 year anniversary of the international intervention says Kabul and its international supporters have failed to keep many of their  human rights pledges.

    PDF icon Amnesty International Afghanistan 10 years on - Slow progress and failed promises Oct. 2011.pdf
  • Amnesty International Annual Report, 2010

    Overview of human rights developments in Afghanistan in 2010.

    PDF icon Amnesty International Annual Report 2010.pdf