• Central Asia and Afghanistan: Insulation on the Silk Road, Between Eurasia and the Heart of Asia, March 2012

    The Peace and Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) examines how Afghanistan fits into the dynamics of regional security. This is the third paper in the PRIO Project ‘Afghanistan in a Neighbourhood Perspective’.

    PDF icon Central Asia and Afghanistan Insulation on the Silk Road March 2012.pdf
  • PTRO: Unheard Voices - Afghan Views on the Challenges of the Peace Process, March 2012

    Whilst finding widespread support for the national peace process, PTRO’s survey of 4,763 respondents across 16 provinces finds confusion over the details of the current Afghan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP), a process that has seen “limited gains and a general lack of credibility among the Afghan population”.

    PDF icon Unheard Voices - Afghan Views on the Challenges of the Peace Process March 2012.pdf
  • CPAU: Strategic Conflict Analysis of Afghanistan

    This Cooperation for Peace and Unity report examines how Swedish development cooperation in Afghanistan affects, and is affected by, conflict in the country.  Combining over 300 interviews and a large number of conflict analysis sessions with stakeholders and experts, the report aims to provide a better understanding of the conflict dynamics in Afghanistan.  It also provides a more specific analysis of northern Afghanistan in order to aid future peacebuilding, state- building, and conflict-prevention efforts.

    PDF icon CPAU Strategic Conflict Analysis of Afghanistan Jan. 2012.pdf
  • Afghan People’s Dialogue on Peace: Laying the Foundations for an Inclusive Peace Process, December 2011

    This report, prepared by a group of Afghan civil society organisations and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, notes the views expressed by hundreds of Afghans from a wide range of professions, backgrounds, ethnicities and regions from all over the country on issues of peace, security, justice, economic development, and reconciliation.  

    PDF icon Afghan Peoples Dialogue on Peace.pdf
  • AREU: Painful Steps: Justice, Forgiveness and Compromise in Afghanistan’s Peace Process, November 2011

    AREU report aimed at the Bonn Conference on Afghans’ hopes and fears for the peace process.

    PDF icon AREU Painful Steps Nov. 2011.pdf
  • Action Aid: A Just Peace? The legacy of war for the women of Afghanistan, September 2011

    Action Aid polled 1,000 Afghan women on how their lives have changed over the last 10 years.

    PDF icon A Just Peace Sept. 2011.pdf